THE year 1980 is very important in the history of PIL .When former chief justice of India MR P.N BHAGWATI initiated to give it a strong foundation in the case of P.U.CL during examination apex court realized that large section of society is unable get justice due to ignorance ,poverty, discrimination, illiteracy in fact no access to justice to provide access to justice to deprived and marginalized section of society APEX COURT encouraged PIL during regime justice Bhagwati he order to take up even ordinary post card as a PIL and movement of PIL passes various phased with right to life to the persons in jail or in illegal custody, and encompassed public grievances against environmental degradation, Quality of life, attempted to maintain probity, transparency in public life and integrity in governance. Supreme Court and high courts have jurisdiction to take so-motto contingence of any public interest for delivery of subinstantial justice.
To stop abuse of P.I.L. Supreme Court recently issued guidelines to the High courts to discourage frivolous P.I.L. by imposing exemplary cost or adopting some novel method.


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