No doubt history was made by passing the women reservation bill in the Upper house. With the Upper house adopting a legislation making space for 33% reservation for women representative to empowered women in independent India. In the history it is known fact that women struggle to got even voting right. In the men’s dominated world despite of this men dominated world Indian society we could not forgot the name of Rani Ahilya bahi, laxmi bai, Sarojni naidu, Dr. suchita kripltinani, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, President of India Dr. Prathibha Devi Singh Patil etc are dominating their field. Their contribution can not be ignored.
Independent India adopted a landmark provision to empower women this cause hinges on political representation and economic advancement. The passage of women reservation bill can be justified as path breaking social reform. There are some apprehensions in some section of political section. The mechanism to be adopted for reservation of seeds, it should be widely to be debated. There may be some genuine concern. The parties opposing the bill lowered the dignity of house and made mockery of democratic values. After independence we are just acknowledging the political right to one half of our population. Through this constitutional amendment.


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