1. Extend personal income tax limit.
2. Link growth rate with “Aam Admi”.
3. Extend budget allocation for social sector.
4. Control the price rises.
5. Make public delivery system effective.
6. Enhance the budget allocation for health sector, health system to be propublic and cheapest.
7. Link inflation with graceful life to “Aam Admi”.
8. Bring judicial reforms.
9. Provide education to all sectors of society.
10. Bijli, Pani Sadak should be priority to remote areas.
11. Generate employment.
12. Concept of welfare state should be enforced.
13. Essential services or social sector cannot be left to market forces.
14. Internal and outer security should be strengthen.
15. Provide railway networking to remote areas on the basis of socioeconomic basis.
I think Union govt. should consider above points in coming budget.

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