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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

The benifit for those who have not claimed insurance during preceding year of insurance cover ,it means the premium they would pay in the following year would be lower ,can be availed under the comprehensive motor insurance policy.The policy cover the loss or damadge to the vehicle ensured and third party liability.Since the no claim feature is linked to insured and not the vehicle you can not transfer your no claim bonus from insurer to insurer but also to a new vehicle of the same type.However it is applicable only to own damadge part of the premium which is 80 percent of policy premium and for third party it is 20 percent once insurance claim is made, your no claim bonus automatically become 0 and your next premium will be on higher side


Tuesday, July 17th, 2012



Maternity Insurance is a part of family planning .whenover you go for maternity insurance planning it should be a full pledge

financial economical decision.It is adviced to would be parents to plan upbringing of child even before the little one born,

and planning itself starts from giving birth to a healthy baby.


1.Maternity insurance- There are many insurance plan being available in health insurance policy with maternity benifits available

maternity insurance cover expenses incourred in routine checkeps,tests and other complications thatr may arrise during that period.

its cover is available for caesarean births,premature births and cost of medicines and hospitalisation.

2. When u should go for maternity insurance-you have to plan for it long before actually when you plan your family.Usually maternity insurance will not
cover cost of pregnancy that happen within 9 months of talking the policy,Even in group insurance policy.for individual coverage waiting period can b as
4 to 6 yrs after talking policy.The cover varies from company to company .usually group insurance policy cover rs 50000.Individual health plan usually
provide 15000 to 25000 rs depending on normal or caeserean birth maternity insurance should cover expenses occured pre-netal,hospitalisation,post-natal all medical checkup,
ultrasound,termination of pregnancy within first 12 weeks and doctors consultancy fees etc.

So whenever you go for maternity insurance cover make sure to observe above mentioned points in your cover.