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Saturday, February 13th, 2010

1. Extend personal income tax limit.
2. Link growth rate with “Aam Admi”.
3. Extend budget allocation for social sector.
4. Control the price rises.
5. Make public delivery system effective.
6. Enhance the budget allocation for health sector, health system to be propublic and cheapest.
7. Link inflation with graceful life to “Aam Admi”.
8. Bring judicial reforms.
9. Provide education to all sectors of society.
10. Bijli, Pani Sadak should be priority to remote areas.
11. Generate employment.
12. Concept of welfare state should be enforced.
13. Essential services or social sector cannot be left to market forces.
14. Internal and outer security should be strengthen.
15. Provide railway networking to remote areas on the basis of socioeconomic basis.
I think Union govt. should consider above points in coming budget.


Thursday, February 11th, 2010

THE year 1980 is very important in the history of PIL .When former chief justice of India MR P.N BHAGWATI initiated to give it a strong foundation in the case of P.U.CL during examination apex court realized that large section of society is unable get justice due to ignorance ,poverty, discrimination, illiteracy in fact no access to justice to provide access to justice to deprived and marginalized section of society APEX COURT encouraged PIL during regime justice Bhagwati he order to take up even ordinary post card as a PIL and movement of PIL passes various phased with right to life to the persons in jail or in illegal custody, and encompassed public grievances against environmental degradation, Quality of life, attempted to maintain probity, transparency in public life and integrity in governance. Supreme Court and high courts have jurisdiction to take so-motto contingence of any public interest for delivery of subinstantial justice.
To stop abuse of P.I.L. Supreme Court recently issued guidelines to the High courts to discourage frivolous P.I.L. by imposing exemplary cost or adopting some novel method.


Sunday, February 7th, 2010

There is a mechanism against the deficiency in banking services. Now consumer of banking services has right available to file complaint against the financial institution specifically banks for deficiency in services. It is a common practice that bank does not respond to the complaint of the consumers. Now one can approach the banking Ombudsman the quasi-judicial authority under the banking “ombudsman scheme 2006” which cover all the scheduled, primary, cooperative banks, ATM’s, credit card, debit cards, unfair practice non compliance of rules and RBI directives on interest rates, disbursement etc or any other services which comes under the RBI domain.
The complains regarding the delayed payment of cheques, drafts, non-payment or any other deficiency in the services of the banks. Consumer can register a complaint against the deficiency in the services. Around 15 ombudsmen are working throughout the country having their office located at state capitals. Consumers have to register a complaint in writing with the bank with acknowledgement if bank is unable to respond, rectify or reject the complaint or consumers are not satisfied with the bank’s reply, then affected party can register a complaint with a baking ombudsman. Even online complaint registration is also available. By logging on, and download the form available and e-mailed or drop at the regional office of the bank and if consumer is still unsatisfied appellate authority is also available for Redressal of grievances. A deputy governor of RBI is vested with the jurisdiction of appellate authority. The remedy also lies with the consumers Protection act 1986 for redressal of a deficency.

Agriculture production and water management

Monday, February 1st, 2010

water management and agriculture production is correlated with each other and both are seems to be neglected .in India water efficiency is about 30 to 40% one of the lowest in the world as against China is55% it is evident that we requires more effective water management and conservation to enhance agriculture production .Where as71% of earth is covered with water, less then 1% is available for agriculture,driking and other use as demand for food is increasing requirement of water will simentanisly increase we are still unable to manage flood , ground water label is decreasing it is well-known fact. Are irrigation potential is estimated that 13.9 million Ha, 17.4% for minor irrigation project and 64.05 million from ground water. It is time to extend this area.
And we should enforce flood control system extend the area of irrigation and agriculture. It is surprising that we are not managing the flood water of our rivers. The river Kosi, Bhramaputra, Ganga, Son, Sharda still playing havoc while agriculture is still facing drought situation due to which agriculture production is on declining. Effecting growth of the country and food inflation is going up.
So it is right time to make crisis into opportunities manage water resources and agriculture properly.