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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

It is surprising that Pendency of court cases reached Himalayan Heights. While government of India or State governments are equally responsible for this mess. The largest numbers of cases are those in which govt. itself is party. It is main litigant in the matter. Even some rules of the CRPC and CPC are also play important role in the Pendency of the cases. Specifically Rule 17 order 6th of CPC is known cause of delay in court cases. In which Supreme Court held that amendment of the plinth is allow at any stage of the case. This order is misused. Supreme Court earlier in its judgment, Revajeetu Builders vs. Narayanaswamy & sons held that a large number of applications under order VI Rule 17 of the Civil Procedure Code are filed and our courts are flooded with such cases. In discriminated filing of applications for amendments is one of the main causes of delay in disposal of civil cases. This rule was derived from England law and adopted in the old Civil Procedure Code of 1882. According to the law as it stands, the court may, at any stage of the proceedings, allow either party to alter or amend the pleading to determine fairly the dispute between the parties.
In my view in garb of order VI rule 17th parties take advantage to delay the proceeding of the courts which is misuse of the rule. In my view, clear guidelines may help disposing of these applications satisfactorily.


Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Before signing any proposal form of any insurance policy make sure that you have clearly gone through the proposal form.
1. Be sure about premium and other cost of the policy.
2. Be sure about the commission structure of the policy.
3. Don’t be in hurry; evaluate other plan policy of other companies also.
4. Make sure the underline bonds, stocks which will generate return in the plan.
5. Be sure about portfolio of the plan and credential of the fund manager.
6. Don’t leave any column blank other then to be filed by the office purpose of the insurer’s office.
7. Any photocopy of your document should be specified for which purpose are being attached.
8. Be sure about office address, telephone, mobile number which has to be utmost use in the event of claim.
9. Be sure about the policy document, when it will be receive. Make sure to read it.
If any thing to be enquired get it done.